About Us

Jessica has been hairdressing in Perth 18 years and having used many foils over this time it was only fitting to devise a great product to be used in her own salons and shared with others.

Few things come to mind when designing foils, functionality, quality, durability, design and environmental impact.

We have taken all the elements we love and put them in to our most well loved silver foil collection. Colours are a fun addition to the ranges to make sure all salons can enjoy our product.

We produce with recycled and premium aluminium to consider the emission impact and human labour impact. Our boxes are also non metallic lined for a higher chance of recyclability. We ship our foils using shared containers directly to Fremantle right here in West Australia allowing us to remain competitive in pricing and eliminating the need to truck our products from East to West like most competitors.

We believe we need to look at the journey of the foil in its entirety rather then only one element of production.

Local deliveries are encouraged and we aim to reduce emissions further by delivering electric. Our packaging is not fluffy and fancy and don't be shocked when we deliver in ribbon bundles or recycled boxes.

So why not shop online or send us a text to order 0404731109